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Meet Elaine

Elaine Vanderzeil is the founder of The Alchemist Within®, a personal development practice specialising in innovative stress management techniques and programs for personal change. She is a certified coach, licensed HeartMath® Coach/Mentor, team leader for Dr. Joe Dispenza D.C., NLP practitioner and meditation teacher. Elaine is currently based in London and sees clients both in person and via zoom internationally.

meet elaine
Studying with world renowned neuroscientists in the USA, she has seen profound transformation with individuals in the groundbreaking areas of neuroplasticity and epigenetics.
Elaine combines her life coaching, HeartMath® skills and mindfulness training with her passion to empower people. She has an innate ability to connect with clients with empathy, humour and presence.
Elaine enables individuals to develop personal mastery, through self awareness and emotional intelligence to evolve their purpose and potential. Just as the alchemist transmutes lead into gold, we too can transform adversity into opportunity, fear into courage, anxiety into confidence.
Her passion and expertise is teaching individuals how to live ‘mindfully’ in support of themselves and others, in an often stressful, ever changing world.
The tailored coaching programs Elaine offers, support, challenge and empower the individual to build inner resilience. She provides the necessary tools and strategies to develop conscious awareness and access personal power.
Elaine’s vision is to create a sound foundation for clients to appreciate that our physical, emotional and intellectual vitality are intrinsically linked. Through this awareness, clients can see possibility to live with greater joy, clarity and understanding in their life.

Elaine Vanderzeil The Alchemist Within®

Personal Development Consultant
HeartMath® Coach/Mentor
Stress Management Consultant
Team Leader for Dr. Joe Dispenza D.C.
NLP Practitioner
Neuro Semantics Practitioner
Meditation Teacher
As a child growing up in England, I spent many hours playing in the historic Bostall woods. On those crisp winter mornings, the forest provided a canopy for theatrical play. A place where epic tales, magical worlds and colourful characters were created. I delighted in the idea of creating something from nothing; a seemingly infinite well to draw from. No foe too fearsome, no battle too insurmountable. I felt a power and self belief from within. I was invincible.
As a life coach and stress management consultant, I have retained the wonderment of my youth. These qualities have allowed me to encourage clients to shift often long held beliefs, and see life with new clarity and focus. I am passionate about seeing people unlock their potential and discover their ‘gold within’. As an alchemist, we have the opportunity to transform limitation into freedom, confusion into clarity and judgement into compassion.

For over 25 years, I have been exploring my own spirituality and the areas of philosophy, metaphysics, mythology, and more recently, neuroscience. During my personal search, I traversed the minds of the great masters and mystics of old, curious to uncover their secrets for self mastery. Incredibly, science is only now gaining a greater understanding of such concepts as, our thoughts impact upon our neurology and biology.
My commitment to my own daily practices, keeps me motivated and reminds me what is really important as life unfolds. Using the knowledge and skills I have learned to empower clients, I have seen extraordinary transformation as they move beyond their limitations to see what is truly possible.  

When we choose to look within, the process of inner alchemy illuminates the synergy between our physical body and our mental and emotional states. This alchemical change shifts our perception, which can transform our lives into one of meaning and personal fulfillment.
As the Hopi Indians said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
I look forward to meeting you and finding the alchemist within.

“I seek, question, and delight in knowing there is always more...more to learn, more to experience, more to grow and more to inspire others.” 

Elaine Vanderzeil





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HM-HCM-Cert Coach-V3-331-577

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