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Stress Management

“The key to transforming stress, lies in your power to regulate your emotions and perceptions”

Elaine Vanderzeil

Introducing the most innovative and scientifically proven techniques for dealing with stress and stress management issues.


Have you noticed there is a lot of conversation about stress?

We are hearing statistics like 1 in 7 people are being adversely impacted by stress.
Today’s busy lifestyle is filled with constant activity and emotional reactivity. Our lifestyle habits, such as extended working hours, parenting demands, poor eating habits and online distractions, lead to a continual state of emotional flux. This state causes the nervous system to flood our bodies with powerful hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol. We refer to this as the ‘stress response’.
The word "Stress" was coined by Hans Seyle in 1936 who defined it as, "the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change." Here at The Alchemist Within, we will be looking at stress as an incongruence between the brain, heart and physical body. Any time we are out of alignment, whether it be physical, emotional or mental, our body gives us warnings signs. These may present as emotional disharmony, illness or an inability to perform at your best.

Stress fragments our ability to think clearly, respond appropriately and achieve peak performance. Stress levels directly impact upon our health, relationships and business life.

How can you transform your personal struggle into resilience and renewed  personal power?

Surprisingly, the answer to managing your stress is relatively easy. With Elaine's coaching skills and the use of HeartMath's scientifically proven techniques, she will guide you step by step to regaining your internal harmony. The aim is to enable clients to reverse the effects of stress and meet life's inevitable challenges with poise and resiliency in the moment.

As an individual you have the ability to choose the way you think, act and feel in any given situation. When you become stuck, it's usually inner conflict that inhibits your ability to make good decisions.
At The Alchemist Within we assist you to reduce stress, and transform the way you respond to stress triggers. We help you to evolve your internal ability, and teach you how to respond in a way that aligns your inner power, and enables you to master your life.

The Alchemist Within will assist you to achieve your stress management goals by:
  • Equipping you with cutting edge technology to instantly reduce stress and learn how to self manage emotions.
  • Building inner resilience and emotional stability for greater focus and clarity
  • Creating Coherence - the optimal state in which the heart, mind and body are aligned and in-sync.
  • Developing and designing your personalised plan, that will enable you to live your life with less stress and renewed personal power
"Elaine helped me see the impact of stress on my body from daily stressors that I had accepted as normal in my life.  In addition Elaine helped me remember my humanity and that it was okay to be vulnerable. Yet Elaine challenged  me to to take responsibility to move myself to better health and increase my resilience to daily stressful situations. Elaine’s approach is empathic and so gentle as she  invites you to take the opportunity to go deeper that it becomes easy to take up her invitation to let light in."
Ruth Littler
Coach & Consultant
Brilliant Living
Our Programs

Stress Reduction Program
6 sessions over 3 months scheduled fortnightly. Heart variability check each session through HeartMath emWave technology, to check your coherence levels. Email support for the duration of the program. 


Stress Management Master Program
6 sessions over 3 months scheduled fortnightly. One Inner Balance or emWave 2 device used to check your coherence levels. Transforming Stress book. Workbook and email support for the duration of the program. 

Each individual has different aspirations and faces varied challenges. Some clients require more structure and some seek more guidance. A key focus of Elaine's work is to adapt her approach for each individual.

Our stress management programs use the most innovative and scientifically proven stress reduction techniques. We offer a Stress Reduction Program for those wishing to work on specific areas of their life. 6 sessions over 3 months. For those seeking a more comprehensive shift in their life, we offer the Stress Management Master Program, 12 sessions over 6 months. For best results, both programs are scheduled fortnightly.

Sessions can be conducted face to face, or can take place over the telephone or Skype. Many clients enjoy telephone sessions from the comfort of their own home or office. Whilst others prefer the commitment of meeting face to face. You will also have email access for the duration of the program.

Your first session will use our unique process to delve beneath the surface, to uncover what your major stressors are. The following sessions will provide tools and strategies to monitor your stress levels and develop a personalised plan that will enable you to move towards achieving a stress free life.


We invite you to step into a new way of being
For further information on how The Alchemist Within’s stress management programs can enhance your life, please email Elaine at elainevuk22@gmail.com 





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