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"I had the privilege of being coached by Elaine at The Alchemist Within. Working with Elaine I always felt understood, nurtured and energised.  I would end our sessions feeling excited and ready to start building my dreams!
Elaine is the perfect ‘guide’ to walk you through from where you are, to where you want to be.
Always grateful."

Paola Borgia
Energy Healer
"Elaine excels as a Life Coach. Her passion combined with her empathy and skill, opened my mind to a new way of seeing my life. I now feel more confident and empowered both personally and professionally.
I walked away from each session with Elaine feeling inspired to move through the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.
Thank you Elaine for providing me with the tools and awareness to take my life to a whole new level. Working with Elaine is one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself!
"I recently received some HeartMath coaching with Elaine. What became evident as we progressed, was that Elaine has for many years been dedicated to her personal and spiritual growth. It is obvious to me that she is committed to living the truth of what she has learned. I have been aware for some years of the principles of Heart Math and found Elaine to be a skilled teacher of this amazing modality."
In Gratitude. Gene Thompson
Relationship Counsellor, Life Skills Educator, Engineer, Business Manager
"I cannot speak more highly of Elaine as a life coach. Her warm nature, ability to listen, interpret, and encourage, made the process a very rewarding experience. One that has given me self-growth, and positive change in areas of my life that have felt burdened and stunted.
As a coach, Elaine made me feel comfortable, safe to speak with honesty knowing she was listening with a non-judging ear. The sessions with Elaine offered me processing time for my concerns around 3 areas in my life. Not only have I seen change, I have also learnt profound skills and processes to better manage these areas in the future. 
I would recommend Elaine as a Life Coach to anyone wanting to see their life flourish beyond their expectations.
Raena Hartley
Pilates Instructor
Myo & Co
"I recently completed my 1:1 HeartMath Provider Certification training in Sydney, Australia. Part of this training included Coaching. I was blessed to have Elaine as my Coach. Elaine has a friendly demeanor and a warm personal affirming approach. Her professional understanding and application of the excellent program we were doing, made these sessions a highlight of the training for me.

Elaine's skillful and empathetic style showed me how powerful coaching can be: to be encouraged and affirmed, yet still be warmly encouraged to explore and clarify one's values, and turn intention into clear steps for living.

Elaine is a consummate, caring professional coach, and I would heartily recommend her to anyone seeking to embed practical tools for transformed living....especially the proven insights and strategies of HeartMath."

Steve Brady
Counsellor and Stress/Resilience Coach
Gold Coast, Australia
"After a 30 minute consultation, I knew that Elaine was the right person to guide me through my self-discovery. Her warmth, her presence, her being, made me feel safe, made any fears vanish.
During my sessions with Elaine, we worked through some challenges in my life. She provided skills and strategies so that I could become more aware and conscious of who I was. I discovered my primary drivers, my strengths, my weaknesses, my being. With Elaine’s support and encouragement I felt strong and empowered, feelings  I had only ever felt fleetingly, if at all.
Thank you Elaine for showing me a new way of living – to enjoy the now and be open to challenge and opportunity both in my personal and professional life.
Louise Kruger
Associate Lawyer
Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP New York
"I am from Ecuador, Spanish is my first language. Elaine has been my mentor for over 2 years. I have had no formal education, my sessions with Elaine have given me more confidence about speaking English .
Elaine has truly changed my life. Before working with her, there were many times when I felt desperate, I did not want to live.
Elaine is caring, compassionate and a good listener. Her open heart made me feel safe to speak my truth. Before Elaine, I felt ignorant because I could not express myself, I was holding so much pain inside, Since Elaine has been mentoring me, I now feel freedom and more joy, like a new person, I have left the past behind. She feels like an angel to me.
I am so grateful to Elaine, She is the best honest and professional nice person that helped me in my life. I am now happy with fun in my heart. 

Since this transformation I am more confident and I now inspire other women to open their hearts and seek professional advice to gain the same freedom.
Elaine explained to me that if I was able to change the thoughts in my mind and feelings, my outside life would also change.
  • Physically: My shoulder in now working normally. I have a general improvement in my health. 
  • Emotionally: I am able to enjoy my life and have much better control over my emotions. 
  • Intellectually: I no longer have the negative thoughts that once dominated my life. My mind feels clear by using the tools that Elaine has given me. My positive attitude has created a happy life. "
"Elaine is an excellent life coach. She helped me understand what areas of my life I wanted to improve so I could live my life with purpose.  Working with Elaine taught me how to be more aware and empowered. Her strategies allowed me to not let my environment constantly influence my choices. At the end of our sessions I felt enlightened and excited to continue working on my goals and personal growth. Elaine is extremely knowledgable in her field, and is very passionate about her work. I would highly recommend working with Elaine."
Kara Anglin
Market Research Professional
New York
"Elaine mentored me during a time in my life when I had really hit rock bottom. Living out of home by myself, I let a major depressive disorder and heavy marijuana usage really take over my life.
For 6 months Elaine coached and motivated me, for many issues I was struggling with.  She gave me strategies that helped me see my purpose and potential. We explored my limiting beliefs, values and identity. The use of meditation, goal setting, and motivational quotes, are just some of the priceless tools Elaine taught me to take back control of my life. These skills have become essential in my daily routine and are constantly helping me better myself. Without Elaine's coaching and mentoring, I have no doubt I would not have transformed into the happy, healthy and positive woman I am today.
"Elaine is an exceptional coach. She asked me the right questions in the right way, at the right time. This process was powerful. It helped me unlocks deeper held beliefs patterns that I was unaware of. Elaine held a space for me to explore the answers, a space that was safe, compassionate, and filled with infinite possibility."
Counsellor, Coach, Hypnotherapist





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HM-HCM-Cert Coach-V3-331-577

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