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“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” 

“I remember how awe struck I was the first time I laid eyes upon Michaelangelo’s sculpture of David. I looked at him in wonder. How could the sculptor have captured such profound intensity, yet thoughtful composure in this anatomically perfect young hero. A colossal statue symbolising strength and the beauty of youth. To me, Michaelangelo’s insightful quote epitomises alchemy at work. He was somehow aware of the potential that lay within the block of marble and therefore accessed his internal resources to create. With unparalleled artistic talent, and an infinite amount of genius and mastery, he was able to set David free.”

Elaine Vanderzeil

Elaine works with clients to bring greater awareness to their thoughts, beliefs and actions, revealing old habits that no longer serve their current lifestyle, and aspirations. She supports clients to see their potential, whilst providing the necessary skills and strategies to develop conscious awareness. Ultimately, it is the client that has to set themselves free.

The Alchemist Within creates a space for possibilities to unfold. Where clients have an opportunity to safely explore, discover and transform. The environment Elaine provides, enables clients to view their life through a new lens. An often simple shift in perception, can empower and inspires new thoughts, new choices and therefore new life experiences. This powerful process has shown clients' a fresh perspective; making conscious choices to look within and mine for that alchemical gold.

We are living in an extraordinary time in human history where ancient wisdom and new science have merged. This paradigm shift has highlighted our connection to all things, as well as the importance of our relationships with ourselves and one another.

Elaine’s philosophy is that self awareness, self love and compassion are fundamental to personal growth and cultivating deeper connections with others; ultimately leading to the evolution of humanity.
“Alchemists are not content to adapt to the world. They want to change it. To them the test of spiritual truth is whether you can do something with it. They seek to understand the inner workings of the world in order to participate actively in the external creation of the world.”

Jordan Stratford
The Dictionary of Western Alchemy





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HM-HCM-Cert Coach-V3-331-577

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