Feeling Empowered

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“Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don’t make it wait any longer.”

Dr Steve Maraboli

Empowerment is the process that enables an individual to fully access their personal power, authority and influence. To feel empowered is not something we gain externally, as this internal power already exists within us.

Life coaching encourages individuals to develop skills and knowledge that allow them to access, often unrealised inner power. This new insight can assist you to become more motivated and overcome obstacles. Ultimately, self empowerment enriches your ability to be confident in the face of challenge and and take control of your life.

At The Alchemist Within we  empower you through:
  • Discussing with you how you feel about your level of personal empowerment
  • Working with you to explore how you currently access your inner resources and how they
    play out in your life
  • Providing you with various new skills to empower you both personally and professionally

The Self Empowerment Pledge (www.pledge-power.com)

Seven simple promises that will change your life

1. Responsibility
I will take complete responsibility for my health, my happiness, my success and my life and will not blame others for my problems or predicaments.

2. Accountability
I will not allow low self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, or the negativity of others to prevent me from achieving my authentic goals and from becoming the person I am meant to be.

3. Determination
I will do the things I'm afraid to do, knowing there will be learning and growth. Sometimes this will mean asking for help to do that which I cannot do by myself.

4. Contribution
I will earn the help I need in advance by helping other people now, and repay the help I receive by serving others later.

5. Resilience
I will face rejection and failure with courage, awareness, and perseverance, making these experiences the platform for future acceptance and success.

6. Perspective
Though I might not understand why adversity happens, by my conscious choice, I will find strength, compassion and grace through my trials.

7. Gratitude
My gratitude for all that I have been blessed with, will shine through my attitudes and in my actions.





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HM-HCM-Cert Coach-V3-331-577

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