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"If there is even one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as your own."

Dale Carnegie

A skill is an ability to choose and perform the right techniques at the right time successfully, regularly and with a minimum of effort.

Our skills can be cognitive, in how we use our thought processes or perceptual, involving how we interpret information.

Successful people use a broad range of skills and techniques which they cultivate over time. They may have acquired these skills by gaining knowledge through reading, observation and practice. We also broaden our skills base by learning from those we consider to be highly accomplished or expert in their chosen field.

The Alchemist Within uses a number of skills and techniques from a broad range of sources. It may be tools to reduce stress, coaching techniques for greater clarity, focus and improved performance, or meditation practices to access inner harmony and balance.

Whatever your needs may be, we have a vast pool of resources to draw from to assist you to maximise your potential.

At The Alchemist Within we look at your existing skills and expand upon those skills through:
  • Discussing with you about your current skill set
  • Working with you to explore how you can improve and add to your current skills, be it greater motivation, emotional intelligence or leadership
  • Providing you with new skills and techniques to develop inner resilience for ongoing personal mastery

The Five essential entrepreneurial skills for success:
  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Discrimination
  • Organisation
  • Innovation




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HM-HCM-Cert Coach-V3-331-577

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